Print Advertisements Software Instructions

  1. After you enter your Access Code, a security window (shown below) will appear. Press the Yes button to start the program

  2. Buttons representing each of the three available advertisement sizes are displayed. The advertisements are show in relation to an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. The advertisements actual size is displayed beneath each button. Click on a button to select that size and proceed to Step 3.

  3. The advertisements are displayed in the right column. Move the scroll bar up and down to view all available advertisements. Select an advertisement by clicking on it. If the advertisement will be in a grayscale(black & white) publication such as a newspaper, select Grayscale from the In Color or Grayscale drop-down box. Press the Next Step button to proceed to Step 4.

  4. Enter up to 7 lines of custom information in the text boxes in the right column. Pressing the B button next to the text box will bold that line. You may select a different font (Arial is recommended) from the Font drop-down box. You may increase or decrease the font size and spacing between lines by adjusting the sliders under Font Size and Line Spacing. Press the Update Text button to view results. Repeat this process until your are satisfied with the appearance of your information.

    Next, select Preview from the View drop-down box at the bottom of the screen.

  5. A preview of the complete advertisement is displayed. You may make further adjustments to your text and press the Update Text button as before. Next, you will save the advertisement.

  6. Saving the Advertisement: To save the customized advertisement, press the Save Ad button. A Save dialog box will appear. By default, the filename WilckodonticsAd.jpg is supplied. If you desire, you may change change filename. Press Save to proceed.

  7. If you a saving a grayscale advertisement, skip to Step 8. Only if you are saving a color advertisement, a Select Color Mode dialog box will appear. Most publications prefer advertisements saved in CMYK. Press the CMYK button to proceed.

  8. A File Saved dialog box will appear to confirm that the advertisement has been saved. It will also identify the filename and location of the advertisement. Press OK to return to the customization screen.

    Note: Files are saved a 300 dpi (dots-per inch) JPEG files.

    You may send the file to the publication in which you are advertising by using your e-mail or by saving it to a CD.

  9. Printing the Advertisement: To print the advertisement, press the Print Ad button. A print dialog box will appear.

  10. A Print dialog box similar to the one below will appear. Press OK to print. For better results, use photo quality printer paper and press the Properties button to adjust your printer's quality setting. While your printer may produce a high-quality print out, you should always use the saved file for advertising in publications.

  11. If you would like to create another advertisment, press the Start Over button. To quit, press the Quit button.

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