Advantages for Orthodontists

  1. If you have an exceptional orthodontic practice or would like to build one, you will want to consider this course.
  2. Increase profits and decrease overhead by realizing a larger fee per adjustment appointment.
  3. Increase your case acceptance by offering a much shorter treatment that is more convenient for both adolescents and adults. Most mothers now work and need to take less time off for adjustment appointments. This reduces the hassles and stress in their busy lifestyles.
  4. Increase the rate of growth of your practice by gaining a marketing advantage over your competition.
  5. Add a new referral base to your practice that will include GPs, specialists, and patients.
  6. You and your staff can take "pride" in being the recognized leaders in the AOOTM procedure in your community.
  7. Become eligible to offer the streamlined OFP financing package to your patients and make the treatment more affordable. Receive payment prior to treatment. 
  8. Be afforded the advantages of the marketing materials developed specifically for the Wilckodontics® system.
  9. Learn how to customize anchorage schemes and make the delivery of forces more efficient.
  10. Experience extremely satisfied patients who are willing to "spread the word".
  11. Be "on the cutting edge" of your profession in the 21st Century.

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