The Periodontal Perspective

Periodontists - Envision this:

  1. Patient flow is no longer a concern and your practice is profitable again! Your production has increased, your overhead is reduced, you have spare cash and funding your retirement plan becomes feasible.
  2. You are very busy doing the type of work that gives you the most satisfaction. There is finally an aesthetic treatment for which your surgical skills are a perfect fit.
  3. There are no insurance companies setting fees, trying to dictate treatment, losing records, holding up treatment, delaying payments, etc. You and your patients are no longer casualties of managed care.
  4. Your patient population has changed and is now mostly healthy younger adults and teenagers. Your practice is "aesthetics driven" because you are giving your patients what they want "a beautiful smile".
  5. Treating disease, although still important, has become a much less significant part of your practice. You no longer need to resort to heroics to get by.
  6. Your source of patients has changed dramatically. Your referral base is mostly a specialty scenario. "Word of Mouth" is actually having a positive impact on your practice and patient referrals are becoming much more commonplace.
  7. You did not need to spend even a penny on new instrumentation. Nor will you need to be constantly upgrading your instrumentation.
  8. You have completed the certification course and the financing package is available to you so that you can also receive payment prior to treatment. Collections have ceased to be a concern.
  9. You have finally realized that most patients are more willing to pay for improved aesthetics rather than to treat periodontal disease.

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