Marketing Materials

Now available are various marketing materials that are designed to accurately portray your practice as the most technically progressive and patient friendly in your area.  The Wilckodontics® certification provides a license to use the trademarked materials provided that you meet the quality standards that are taught in the certification course.  These trademarked materials include:

Print Advertisement Program

Customize ads for your practice with our online print advertisment customization program. Choose from 30 ads in color and grayscale. Insert your custom information and save to your computer. Files are saved as high resolution image files(300 dpi JPEG files) ready for use in print publications.

For more information, view the Print Advertisments Program page.

Wilckodontics® Patient Information Video

A patient information video is available. It is approximately 12 minutes long with testimonials from various patients. Before and after pictures appear at the bottom of the screen for a few seconds while each patient gives their testimonial.

newvideo.jpg (25913 bytes)

Video Pricing

Quantity* Price**
1-5 $19.95 each
6-14 $16.95 each
15+ $12.95 each

*Tapes must be ordered at same time to receive discount
** Postage will be added

Call 1-800-268-6466 to Order





Patient Brochure

The patient brochure has a new more attractive cover.  The Wilckodontics® logo on the back of the brochure was removed allowing your personalized address stamp to be easier to read.

Patient Brochure Pricing (50 Per Unit)

newbrochure.jpg (12845 bytes)

1-2 units

$39.95 per unit

3 or more units

$36.95 per unit

** Postage will be added

Call 1-800-268-6466 to Order


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Wilckodontics® is a registered trademark, and Accelerated Osteogenic OrthodonticsTM and AOOTM are trademarks of Wilckodontics, Inc. Copyright 1998 - 2004 Wilckodontics, Inc. US Patent #6,109,916.